Thursday, September 21, 2017

Homework September 21, 2017

Textbook p. 65 #2-25, 2-27 on p. 27 in math notebook

#2-25 Sketch the shape, then count the squares ("tiles") to find the area
#2-27 Refer to the math note on page 64 about stem-and-leaf plots
Click here to watch a video about stem-and-leaf plots

2.2.1 Homework Help

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Homework September 20, 2017

Period 1, 3, 5: Worksheet Lesson 2.1.1 Practice  Both sides.  This is optional work for Period 4 and Period 6, but not required.
Period 4, 6: Finish Chapter 2 Introduction ONLY (Page 22 in math notebook)

Due Friday: Parent/Guardian Signature on the blue grade report on p. 21 in math notebook.

For the Worksheet Lesson 2.1.1 Practice, remember:

  • A dot plot shows numerical data (data that is numbers)
  • A bar graph shows categorical data (data that is categories, or words)
  • A Venn diagram shows overlapping data
For the side that is Riddle 34:
Here is the first one, for example:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homework September 19, 2017

Textbook p. 61 #2-15, 2-16, 2-18 on p. 25 in math notebook.

#2-15 Complete and describe the pattern

Chapter 1 quizzes from 9/14 have been returned.  There is no score.  Students can check their score and grade on Infinite Campus, or they will receive their score and grade in class on Wednesday.

Make up quiz times are:
Wednesday, 9/20 at lunch or after school
Thursday, 9/21 at lunch
Friday, 9/22 at lunch or after school

2.1.2 Homework Help

Monday, September 18, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

No Homework September 15, 2017

Notebooks and quizzes will be graded and returned next week.
We have finished Chapter 1 and will be starting Chapter 2.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Homework September 13, 2017

Textbook p. 45 #1-89, 1-90, 1-92 on p. 19 in math notebook

#1-92 Refer to the multiplication table if needed

Quiz Thursday, September 14
-Inequalities (<, >)
-Definitions (like the back of Monday's table paper)
-Rectangular arrays (study the 1.2.3 returned grid paper)

Notebook check Thursday, September 14
Be ready to turn in your notebook
It should have: table of contents, page numbers, headings and complete work on pages 10-20 for full credit
Half stamp: minus one point
Blank or no stamp: minus 2 points
Extra credit: Title page (Page 1), and Chapter 1 Introduction (Page 10)

PTA Fundraiser Thursday, September 14 at Chipotle/Panda Express
Click here for the flyer

Yearbooks can be pre-ordered.  Your student should have gotten a flyer in homeroom.  You can go to or see Mrs. Spampinato in Room 35 for more information.

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